Pradeep Puravankara is a household name among Bahrain residents from Kerala, thanks to his work in the field of media, social work and entertainment in the region since 2002.

A journalist by profession and a brilliant administrator, he is also a popular writer and orator. He was also instrumental in the success stories of various divisions in SPAC from its inception. He believes that constant endeavour plus management amounts to success. Currently he is the Managing Editor of 4PMNews and his editorial columns which see things from a different perspective are instrumental in increasing the popularity of the newspaper.

A graduate in Visual Communications Pradeep Puravankara is also actively involved in various social activities based in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as Kerala. Pradeep Puravankara adds value to SPAC with the experience and expertise he gained from the industry and knowledge earned.

Pradeep Puravankara

Hon. Director
Managing Editor(4PM News)